Media Design - mobile app / dual screen system

I Agree to the Terms

NYU Skirball Season / Streaming from MITU580 2022 

I Agree To The Terms was developed by The Builders Association in collaboration with a community of microworkers who perform "Human Intelligence Tasks" for micro payments on Amazon's "Mechanical Turk" platform.

We developed a mobile website, modeled on social science research conducted on the platform, where the audience competed with each other with respect to the accuracy and speed of their answers. The show was performed on Zoom with the audience simultaneously using their phones to access the app and compete with each other, so they could feel a bit of the euphoria and dread these workers face everyday in this automated workplace.

Designed for and about the internet, the production needs to be experienced online and is a prime example of remote theatre at its most innovative and engaging. Imbued with humor, I Agree To The Terms confronts the dark horrors of capitalism without any semblance of preaching. It’s digital theatre at its best: profoundly human.
— Laura Hess, Arts Editor, No Proscenium

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Company Website for the show, with video


Media Design - multi screen / multi city streaming event

10 Stories: A Decameron by the Builders

Streaming via Twitch 2020 

During the pandemic The Builders gathered old collaborators from around the world and shared stories from their touring past. I created the system to bring it all together as a dual screen system for viewing the event. 

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Projection Design


by George Frideric Handel

Pittsburgh Opera 2019 

Textaline backed art-deco screens designed by Cary Xu served to both catch the imagery and allow the conductor, orchestra and performers to be selectively revealed. We used an existing staircase to position Semele for her ascention into heavan, and her eventual immolation by fire as she is granted her wish to see Jove in his true godlike form. 

She sings: Ah me! Too late I now repent.....

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Media Design - Augmented Reality Development

ELEMENTS OF OZ - The Builders Association

Workshop @ Montclaire State University Jan 12-17, 2015.
Premiere in September 2015 @ Monclaire State University - Peak Performances
3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center 2016
Shanghai Interactive Theater Festival 2017
NYU Skirball Center 2019

We developed a smartphone "app" that generated augmented reality imagery and spatialized sound (tornado, flying monkeys, munchkins laughing, etc.), as well as played back synchronized videos, creating both an intimate and immersive experience for the audience. During development we came to see the phones "as Oz" - something we use everyday, but whose operations we can't explain, and which we are even legally prevented from "looking behind the curtain" to understand.

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Video Designer

Karlheinz Stockhausen's Originale

Re-Staging of the 1964 Perfomance Event
The Kitchen, New York – Nov - 8, 2014

Curated by Nick Hallett for Darmstadt: Essential Repertoire.
Co-produced by The Kitchen and Goethe-Institut.

A restaging of the 1964 "musical theater" event, (protested and participated in by various Fluxus artists), based on Stockhausen's score using contemporary performers and musicians. Directed by Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson (Big Art Group), with Video Design by Larry Shea and Kevin Ramser.

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Interaction Designer

Julia Scher's Predictive Engineering

Presentation for Archival Recording
Wexner Center for the Arts, The Ohio State University – Sept 2014

A recorded presentation with artist Julia Scher on the creation of the 1998 interactive surveillance installation Predictive Engineering 2 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The recording will be used to help restore Predictive Engineering and prepare for the next iteration of this ongoing artwork.

SFMOMA Website 

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Interactive Projection Installation



Everybooty - NY Pride Party @ BAM Fisher Hall: June 27th, 2014

Interactive Stairwell Video Projection Installation

People's motion up and down the stairs reveals images from the history of the Lesbian & Gay rigths movement, swirling up from underneath an endless flow of rushing bubbling water.


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Projections Designer


by Mike Albo

Directed by David Schweizer;
The Culture Project, NY, Dixon Place, NY 2014
Development: New York Theater Workshop Summer Residency 2013

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Projections Designer


by George Brant

Directed by Jenn Thompson
City Theater, Pittsburgh PA

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Projections Designer


by Stephen Sondheim/ George Furth

Directed by Ted Pappas
Pittsburgh Public Theater, PA

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Technical Designer


Projection artwork by Matthew Weinstein

Battery - powered mobile “Soap-Box” projection device
New York, NY

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Projections Designer


by George Stevens

Directed by Ted Pappas
Pittsburgh Public Theater, PA

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International Teaching

Media in Performance Workshop

Estonian Academy of Music & Theater / Baltic Film Academy
Tallinn, Estonia

Conducted a two week workshop with 35 students from 4 different institutions in Estonia in a unique collaborative intensive group skit based format, leading to final presentation is several venues around the city.

Funded by: the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Fulbright Specialists Roster, US State Department

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Video Sculptures

Depeche Modes of Production

Mixed Media Sculptures
(lasercut acrylic, monitors, projectors, 3D video)

Loveland Gallery, Provincetown - MA

Funded by: The Frank-Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry, The Berkman Faculty Development Fund, and a S.O.D Faculty Development grant.

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Projections Designer

Monster in the Hall

by David Greig

Directed by Tracy Brigden
City Theater, Pittsburgh PA

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Projection & Interaction Design

Angels in America

Directed by Jed Harris
Chosky Theater, Pittsburgh PA

This work involved the development of a new experimental 3D capture technique as well as custom coded software for actor tracking video projection.

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Experimental Film


(Hi8 remastered to digital video - 4 min, 1995/2003)

Featured in:

Strange Attractors

• DVD/ Book by Encyclopedia Destructica- Pittsburgh, PA

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Video Projection Installation

Stereoscopic Utopian Video Projections

• 2010 Floating World - LMCC “Swing Space” Exhibition Governors Island - New York
• 2010 Bring To Light - Festival of projection art Greenpoint - New York

This was the culmination of a 6 month residency on Governors Island in New York Harbor.

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Kinetic Sculpture

Space Time Modulator

(mixed media)

• 2010 Floating World - LMCC “Swing Space” Exhibition Governors Island - New York
• 2010 MIX - NY Queer Experimental Film Festival Theater for the New City - New York

This was the culmination of a 6 month residency on Governors Island in New York Harbor.



Video Projection Installation

Mal Amis

2010 MIX - NY Queer Experimental Film Festival Theater for the New City - New York

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Experimental Film

Pilgrim’s Progress

(9 min, 2007) – digital video

2009 Salon Artistique - Group Show Amsterdamn, Netherlands
2008 CineMental - Brattle Theater
2007 Mix 20 - NY Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival

Funded in part by: The LEF Foundation Moving Image Fund

Click to Watch the Film - 9 min




Video Projection Installation

Water Water Everywhere

Outdoor Video Projection - (Digital Projection, Speakers)

2008 MIX - NY Queer Experimental Film Festival South Street Seaport - New York

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Camera and Editing (support)

The Yes Men Fix the World

Directed by The Yes Men

US & Europe

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Lighting Design / Special Effects

Love is a Battleship

Dazzle Dancers Performance & Costume Retrospective

Deitch Projects - New York, NY

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  Jouissance (8 min, 2002/3) – super 8 film finished on digital video
2007 Video Show - Schoolhouse Gallery Provincetown, MA
2006 Queer Media Conference - Tribeca Cinemas New York, NY
2006 Shot in the Back - Video Festival Paris, France
2005 Detroit International Film & Video Festival Detroit, Michigan 2004 Rhode Island International Film Festival Providence, Rhode Island
2004 Boston Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Boston, MA
2004 Milan International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival - Best Experimental Short Film Milan, Italy
2004 Philadelphia Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Philadelphia, PA
2004 London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival British Film Institute - London, England
2003 Antimatter: Festival of Underground Film & Video Victoria, BC,Canada
2003 Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Seattle, Washington
2003 MIX-Brazil (Rio De Janero, San Paulo, Brasilia) Multiple cities, Brazil
2003 Outfest - LA Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Los Angeles, CA
2003 The New Festival - The New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival New York,NY
2002 Mix 16 – NY Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival New York,NY


  Land of the Lay (7.5min, 1999)- digital video - online at:
2006 Queer Media Conference - Tribeca Cinemas New York, NY
2000 Ars Electronica - “NEXT SEX “ - Occulation Program Linz, Austria
1999 Mix Brazil - NY Digifest program - streaming video on the WWW San Paulo, Brazil
1999 Mix 13 - The New York Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival New York,NY
1999 Outfest - LA Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 1999 - streaming on WWW Los Angeles,CA
  Routine Maintenance Fitness Challenge (7min, 1997) - digital video
2006 Queer Media Conference- Tribeca Cinemas New York, NY
1998 The Video Room Video Festival at Galapagos New York,NY
  Superabundance (6min, 1996) - video
2006 Queer Media Conference -Tribeca Cinemas New York, NY
1996 Mix 10 - The New York Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival New York,NY
  Quest (3.5min, 1995) - video
2006 Queer Media Conference - Tribeca Cinemas New York, NY
2000 Arts Interlude Video Wall Program - 1251 Avenue of the Americas New York,NY
1998 ImageOut Rochester Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival Rochester,NY
1998 Making Scenes Film & Video Festival, Ottawa, Canada
1998 Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Toronto,Canada
1998 Mix - Mexico Mexico City, Mexico
1997 Dollywood - Mix Festival of Experimental Lesbian & Gay Film & Video New York,NY
1996 Trailer 12 - Manhattan Cable access New York,NY
1996 Plump Vision - Eventworks Boston, MA


  3 women in Indecision - a new play by Mike Albo Kraine Theater - New York, NY
Video & Effects Designer
  Well Wishing - Prototype interactive sound sculpture for gardens -
(Speakers, microphones, custom audio processing program using Max/MSP)
2004 d.u.m.b.o. art under the bridge festival Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park - New York
2002 Le Petit Versailles - Group Show curated by Peter Cramer LPV - New York,NY


     Circannual Rythm (pibloktok) - Michael Joo List Visual Arts Center, MIT - Boston, MA
Video Surveillance Consultant


  Geyser Land - a project of M.E. Strom & Ann Carlson Livingston, Montana
Technical & Projection Design